Tango lessons

We invite you to take Argentine Tango classes in the incredible atmosphere of the Old Town of Krakow

There is no better place in the world to feel the ambience of tango than in Kracow. The aura of bohemia, decadence and nightlife has been at the heart of the city for decades. Just like at the beginning of the twentieth century, when music, art and poetry hung heavy in the air along with the pipe and cigarette smoke of the cafes and hidden corners, today’s musicians and artists meet in the same jazz clubs of Kazimierz and the Old City perpetuating the bohemian vibe of this city. The tango as a dance was influenced by immigrants from various countries like Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany and Africa fits perfectly into this fascinating melting pot of ideas, trends and cultures.

Tangueros meet every day in Kracovian clubs at the milongas (the parties where tango is danced socially), which last until late into the night and sometimes even early morning. What they are looking for is to forget about the troubles of the world and submerge themselves into the sensual and slightly decadent atmosphere where crowds of couples embrace sensually as they dance to the bittersweet sounds of the tango music. Especially today when we are more alone and anonymous, our often urgent search for intimacy can be found within this remarkable social dance.

We are a couple of tango teachers
(more details about us). We have studied all over the world with many Argentina Masters. This knowledge, which is enriched by our own experience is something we give to our students with all our heart. To be able to share the magic and mystery of tango is a pleasure we will never tire of.