Josefina & Facundo

Facundo Peñalva

Tango dancer and recreation specialist. He was born in Buenos Aires- Argentina. He began his studies in Argentine folk dance and tango dance at the IUNA. He also took lessons with internationally renowned dancers like Carlos Copello, Horacio Godoy, Octavio Fernandez, Pablo Rodriguez and Noelia Hurtado, Pablo Inza, Eladia Cordoba, Corina Herrera, Claudio Gonzalez and Melina Brufman, Osvaldo and Coca Carpery. During his constant search and fascination for learning, he met Bruno Tombari and Mariangeles Caamaño, who then became the most important teachers during his training.

In addition to his academic experience, Facundo is characterized for studying the “milonguero tango” language, which consists of pure and spontaneous improvisation.

In 2011, he contested in the Metropolitan Tango Championship in the city of Buenos Aires, where he achieved the fifth position in the category of Salon Tango and he was semifinalist in the category of Milonga.

Since 2009, Facundo has worked in street shows along with other well-known artists like Santiago Dorkas, Luis Squiarini, Marie Lebon and Andres Molina.

He danced for the orchestras “Color Tango” and “Misteriosa Buenos Aires”. He performed at several milongas in the city of Buenos Aires, and he is currently organizing the tango group “La Milonga de Artigas” at the Flores neighborhood in the city of Buenos Aires.

Thanks to his work as a recreation specialist at important touristic places in Argentina, like Pinamar, Tandil and Puerto Madryn, he has also consolidated his career as a teacher. It could be said that he is a teacher that uses a ludic and pedagogic method for teaching tango. At the present, he is teaching tango on a regular basis at “La misteriosa Milonga”, “El Yeite Tango Club” and “La Casona de Flores”.

Facundo worked with several female dance partners; among them we could mention the renowned dancer Magdalena Gutierrez. Nowadays, he is working with Josefina Stellato. They are currently performing at shows, making video art and teaching lessons.

Josefina Stellato

Josefina is a tango dancer and performer born in Tandil- Argentina. At the age of 6 she began her artistic career as a ballet dancer. Later on, she discovered her passion for theatre and music, thus she left dance aside in order to devote herself to acting and her piano studies. As a teenager, she decided to devote herself entirely to theatre and when she finished her secondary education she started her degree in Drama at the Universidad del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires [University of the Centre of Buenos Aires Province (ARG)]. It was at this institution where she came across with tango. Her artistic path once again changed it course. At the age of 18 she moved to Buenos Aires -Capital City of the Argentine Republic, and of course, the Tango Capital- , in order to learn and explore this language that had captivated her heart. She had the chance to learn with a great scope of teachers and dancers, thus she engaged in salon tango, stage tango and new tango. Some of her widely renowned teachers were Corina de la Rosa, Fabian Salas, Cecilia Garcia, Leonardo Cuello, Federico Naveira, Dana Frigoli and Pablo Veron. As a student at the Instituto Universitario Nacional de Arte [National Universitary Institute of Art], she studied tango from its origins and its development as an artistic expression in itself within the literature, the music, dance and the media.
Her extensive career in the aforementioned disciplines -not to mention contemporary dance and argentine folk dance- had nourished her and made of Josefina an artist with a great creative and interpretative ability. She had the chance to show her talent at several tango houses, such as the legendary “Café Tortoni”, as well as at the IUNA Tango Company, where she danced for three years directed by the well-known choreographer Leonardo Cuello.
As a teacher she had, and she still has, the chance to pass on her knowledge to people in her country and abroad. She was part of teachers’ teams at schools like the “Argentine Tango School”, “Dandy Mansión Tango”, “El Querandí” in the city of Buenos Aires, “Santa Milonguita” in the city of Tandil, “Espace Oxigene” in Paris, “Milonga du Jeudi” in Lyon (France), “Rojo y Negro” in London, “Tango Art” in Reading (England).
She participated three years in a row in the “Cambalache Festivals” and twice in the “Tango Festival”, both held in the city of Buenos Aires. She also participated in the first series of the “Festival Estancia Tango” in Normandy (France). To this, it should also be added a great deal of performances at “milongas” and theatres in Buenos Aires.
Josefina worked with several dance partners. John Galindo, Ricardo Delgado and Martin Ojeda were some of the dancers with whom she had the chance to share important working experiences with.
Currently, Josefina is working with Facundo Peñalva. They are performing at shows, making video art and teaching lessons.